$12.4M in grants to deliver emissions reduction, renewable energy targets

Image credit: Australian Government

The Australian Government has awarded five major projects with a total of $12.4 million in grants, supporting technologies required in achieving Australia’s emissions reduction and renewable energy goals.

The funding was delivered under the International Clean Innovation Researcher Networks (ICIRN) grant program, which aims to support Australian researchers to build networks with global experts to develop renewable energy and clean technologies. 

International collaboration is critical to the advancement of clean energy technologies. The funding will help Australia participate more effectively in international clean energy programs such as the Global Power System Transformation Consortium, Mission Innovation, the Clean Energy Ministerial, and the International Energy Agency’s Technical Collaboration Programs.

Grants funding for the ICIRN projects are:

  • $2.59 million to the CSIRO for research on integrating renewable energy into the electricity grid.
  • $1.97 million to CSIRO to further its international leadership in energy-efficient ‘smart buildings’ to use energy more efficiently and effectively in buildings.
  • $3 million to the RMIT University for a project on solar panel recycling and the utilisation of recovered components in new solar panels and batteries.
  • $2.87 million for an RMIT project to accelerate the integration of renewables and electric vehicles into the electricity grid.
  • $2 million to the University of Melbourne to develop the Researcher Network for Decarbonising the Building Industry. The network will boost renewable energy integration, low-carbon material production, and energy-efficient building operations.