Wiley’s Business Operations Manager for Regional Queensland to speak at Toowoomba Agriculture Conference

Image credit: www.agintheasiancentury.com.au

Australia’s leading agriculture region, Toowoomba, will host this year’s Ag in the Asian Century National Export and Innovation Conference, scheduled to take place from 22–24 September at the Empire Theatre.

Image credit: www.agintheasiancentury.com.au
Image credit: www.agintheasiancentury.com.au

The Conference is facilitated by the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) – an independent regional economic development organisation.

A wide range of national and international speakers focusing on export and innovation opportunities in the Australian agriculture and agribusiness sector are scheduled to attend. Michael Matthewson, Business Operations Manager for Regional Queensland at food manufacturing specialist Wiley, will be speaking at a panel session on Thursday 24 September.

Mr Matthewson will be discussing how Toowoomba can can take advantage of global food trends.


“With the recent signing of Free Trade Agreements with Korea and Japan, and with China on the cards — not to mention the rate of global food demands —Toowoomba has the opportunity to be one of Australia’s biggest food-hubs. Agribusinesses in Toowoomba are well positioned to take advantage of the key infrastructure projects like the new Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and the Inland Rail Project,” Mr Matthewson said in a media release.

“But Toowoomba needs to have innovative and efficient food processing facilities and supply chain in order to take advantage of Asia’s rapidly expanding markets. Wiley works with a number of agribusiness operations in the region, in particular food processors and manufacturers and we are excited by what these opportunities mean for their long-term productivity and profitability,” he said.

The company opened an office in Toowoomba earlier this year.