Acland mine families urge Qld Government not to reverse the approval of the mine plan

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Brett Shaw, CFMEU’s Vice-President of the Acland Lodge and President of the ALP’s Toowoomba South Branch has written a letter to the Queensland Labor Government Ministers to warn them about the dire consequences that may become if the Government reverses the approval of stage 3 of the mine plan for the Acland coal mine.

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In his letter, Mr Shaw points out that a reversal of the approval would likely result in the loss of 400 jobs at the mine – and hundreds more in the community that depend on it – and that the other local Labor branches in the region all support the approval for Stage 3 of the Acland Mine.

“I submit this letter to you on behalf of thousands of Queenslanders who will be negatively affected by a reversal of the approval of New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3,” Mr Shaw says.

“This mine is an existing operation that has been mining here for over 12 years. As a result, its roots are firmly planted into the local economy. There is no doubt that at this time the local economy is badly in need of a boost to business and consumer confidence.”


He says that media reports claiming that the reversal of the decision was the wish of the community were “not true”.

“The vast majority of the community understands that we need these commercial operations for the economic benefit of all of us. But it is us, the vast majority, busy every day earning a living, raising families and contributing to society that rely on our representatives to stand up and make decisions in our best interests,” Mr Shaw wrote in his letter.

“If the approval is reversed, the resulting symbolic win for the Greenies will be at the expense of our local economy and the financial security of many hundreds, maybe thousands of ordinary working Queenslanders.”

Mr Shaw agrees that the transition to renewable energy is inevitable and necessary, but says it must be done in “planned and orderly” fashion to protect the wellbeing of all.

“Ministers, climate change and renewable energy are major issues for all of us and desperately need to be addressed for the good of future generations – we all agree on that. But the transition from fossil fuels to renewables must be planned and orderly or the people who will hurt the most are those that the Labor Party is sworn to protect,” he said.

“Ministers, we the people implore you to carefully consider the resulting impacts for us if this mine approval is to be reversed.”