Alcoa shuts down Anglesea power station and coal mine


Leading lightweight metals manufacturer Alcoa announced that it will close the Anglesea coal mine and power station on 31 August, 2015.


The 150 megawatt power station, which employs 85 workers, supplied approximately 40% of the power needs for the Point Henry smelter in Geelong, Victoria, which closed in August 2014.

Alcoa said it made a number of unsuccessful attempts to sell the power station over the past year, which ultimately led to the decision to shut it down.

“Our key concern now is for our 85 employees who have done a great job in continuing to run the operation during this period of uncertainty,” said President Alcoa Refining and Managing Director, Alcoa of Australia, Alan Cransberg.


“Alcoa has been a proud member of the Anglesea community for more than 46 years, and our focus is in supporting our employees and their families, our contractors, suppliers and community partners through this transition.”

The company contributed AUS$5million into the Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund following the closure of Point Henry operations in 2014. The contribution was aimed at supporting job creation projects that strengthen and diversify the regional economy and employment base.

“We look forward to the Fund continuing to create new employment opportunities in the region, and as we did with the Geelong community, we will be exploring how best to assist our Anglesea community partners,” Cransberg said.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Alcoa’s decision to close its Anglesea operations after 46 years was a sad day for its workers.

He said the Government would work closely with Alcoa to find a lasting solution for the affected workforce.

“Alcoa has indicated some of the 85 employees will be offered redeployment with the remainder to be offered redundancies. The Victorian Government will ensure all assistance is provided during this difficult time,” Mr Andrews said in a media release.

“The Government will commence discussions with Alcoa regarding the rehabilitation of the site.”