Almas Almonds files claim against Select Harvests

Image credit: flickr User: David Strand

Almas Almonds has commenced legal proceedings against Select Harvests in the Supreme Court of Victoria in relation to the dispute regarding the provision by Select Harvests to Almas Almonds of orchard management services commencing in 2006.

Image credit: flickr User: David Strand
Image credit: flickr User: David Strand

According to the ASX announcement by Select Harvests, one of Australia’s largest and most experienced almond growers, the company is being accused of failing to properly perform its obligations under the terms of the previously terminated Almond Orchard Management Agreement relating to almond orchards at Bannerton and Boundary Bend East in Victoria.

The claims particularly relate to the installation of the irrigation system at the orchards, at the time of their establishment and the damage of trees in the process of harvesting almonds.

Damages claimed by Almas Almonds amount to $9,010,879 plus interest and cost “of which approximately $8,262,764 relates to claimed loss of future income for the period 2014 to 2029.”

Almas Almonds directors and majority shareholders Max Fremder and Curt Leonard are both former directors of Select Harvests.


The initial directions hearing is scheduled for May 16th, 2014, with Select Harvests denying any liability in relation to the claim.

“Select Harvests continues to provide processing and marketing services to Almas Almonds under a Processing and Marketing Agreement which superseded and replaced the previous Almond Orchard Management Agreement. The Processing and Marketing Agreement related to the 2013 to 2017 crops at the Almas Almonds orchards,” it says in the ASX announcement.

Located in Thomastown, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Select Harvests consists of orchards in North West Victoria, Southern New South Wales and Western Australia with the main processing facility based at Wemen, North West Victoria.

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