Altilium Group to develop ground breaking nickel extraction technology in Indonesia


Altilium Group and PT Indo Mineral Research have joined forces to develop the DNi Process™ in Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest reserves of nickel.

Owned by Altilium Group Limited, the DNi Process™ is an environmentally friendly process for extracting metals from laterite ores.

PT Indo Mineral Research is a member of the Sebuku Group, one of Indonesia’s largest mining groups.

The companies intend to construct DNi Process™ plants in Indonesia, with the first plant set to deliver at least 20,000 tonnes of nickel in mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP) a year.


“The DNi Process™ is a win-win for Indonesia, the EV industry and the environment. We are very excited to take this first major step forward with the Sebuku Group. Together, we will help make Indonesia the premier producer of cleaner nickel and other metals which are needed to enable the mass adoption of EVs,” said Chris Gower, CEO of Altilium Group.

“We are delighted to be working with Altilium Group, whose ground-breaking DNi Process™ will, we believe, help to transform the nickel extraction industry. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” added Yoseph Swamidharma, Chief Research and Development Officer of the Sebuku Group.

The first DNi Process™ plant is currently being developed by Queensland Pacific Metals in Australia. Construction kick off is planned for April 2022.

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