AMMA welcomes carbon tax repeal

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The Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) has welcomed the Senate’s decision to repeal the carbon tax, stating that it is one of the key measures the country needs to implement in order to be internationally competitive.

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Steve Knott, Chief Executive of the resource industry employer group issued a statement claiming that AMMA stands firm on its opinion that Australia needs to tread carefully regarding any program aimed at reducing emissions, so as not to damage its “globally exposed industries and living standards.”

“Repealing the carbon tax removes one of two ideologically driven, flawed taxes imposed by the former government that have added unnecessary costs and risk to investing and doing business in Australia. The next step in restoring Australia’s global competitiveness should be repealing the Minerals Resources Rent Tax (MRRT),” said Mr Knott.

“We need to remove the impediments that stand in the way of further development of our resources sector and secured the associated employment opportunities and economic growth. Following that, as a nation we need to get back in the business of long-term, sustainable workplace relations reform that will address deeper issues of productivity and competitiveness and bolster our reputation in the international marketplace.”