AMSI Optimise: Preparing Australia for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s (AMSI) launches newest flagship training event called AMSI Optimise, where optimisation leaders gather to fast-track research-industry collaboration and address practical optimisation challenges.

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“Australia must be ready for the next industrial revolution, with the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors set for major change within the next decade,” said Dan Sutherland, Biarri Energy, Mining, and Infrastructure (EMI) Lead and AMSI Optimise speaker.

According to the Director of AMSI, Professor Geoff Prince, optimisation is essential to Australia’s future economic competitiveness and security. Thus the conference will highlight the growing importance of optimisation, lead to new industry research collaborations, and grow our capabilities by providing postgraduate students with opportunities to apply their skills to real-world problems.

Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Dr. Amanda Caples also believes that now was the time for research and industry to harness the power of innovation and prepare for a rapidly changing future, stating: “AMSI’s Optimise conference is a fantastic opportunity for industry to connect with optimisation experts and together solve key business problems and identify new ways to drive efficiency.”


The event includes a three-day conference and two-day workshop.