Anglo American: Drayton South mining operations will have zero impact on neighbouring studs

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Global diversified mining giant Anglo American has told a visiting delegation from the NSW Government that mining operations at Drayton South will not adversely impact neighbouring studs.

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Drayton South
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Anglo American NSW Projects Director Rick Fairhurst said the delegation consisting of NSW Premier Michael Baird and Minister for Planning Robert Stokes was driven to the southern point of the proposed mining area to witness first-hand the company’s strong commitment to coexistence which will mean zero impact on neighbouring studs from mining operations.

He said the Premier spoke with a number of workers, suppliers and charities who all rely on Drayton and will suffer if Drayton South is not approved.

“The Premier and Minister’s visit today was important so they could meet our people, hear their stories and fully understand the importance of the Drayton South project to the Hunter Valley region, Drayton South will secure 500 jobs, continue to support 140 local businesses that supply to the mine, provide ongoing state royalties and taxes of over $60 million annually and support the community through sponsorships and partnerships,” Mr Fairhurst said in a press release.

“These are not just numbers; they are people’s livelihoods, businesses and futures and we’re pleased the Premier and Minister took the time to see the site with their own eyes while committing to an approval process based on the facts.”

Mr Fairhurst said that with the 2015 project application reduced by 25%, there were now two ridgelines between the company’s proposed operations and the boundary of the nearest neighbour, which would ensure zero impact to the neighbouring studs operations.

“Mining and thoroughbred horse breeding have coexisted here for nearly a century there is no need to choose between these two successful industries,” he said

“We’d like to thank the Premier and Minister for their time today and ask that they continue to see the project application through in a timely manner and focus on the technical facts clearly demonstrated through our compromises to the mine plan for Drayton South.”

Drayton South is a mining project intended to replace the current Drayton operations in the Hunter Valley which has been operating for over 30 years and will soon run out of minable resources.