Anti-asbestos Groups Come Together At Global Conference


Thousands of people from all over the world gathered in a convention against asbestos on October 12 and 13.


Recently returned from the ANDEVA (National Association for Defending Victims of Asbestos) the Labor Senator for Tasmania, Senator the Hon Lisa Singh shared the story of Australia’s asbestos legacy and took part in the rally for the ‘International Day for Victims of Asbestos’.

In an interview with CFMEU, she expressed Australia’s fruitful participation in the convention, saying “it was an honor to be invited to address the conference in [her] capacity as an Australian senator and co-convenor of the Parliamentary Group on Asbestos-Related Disease (PGARD)”.

The conference and rally were attended by workers, unions, victims, politicians, medical professionals and anti-asbestos advocates from more than 20 countries from six continents,” she continued.

Senator Singh is at the helm of the campaign addressing the issues surrounding asbestos, which is in keeping with the Gillard Government’s commissioning and response to the Asbestos Management Review.

However, we have comrades in many countries who are yet to fully tackle this insidious substance and continue to need our support,” she remarked.

A roundtable session was held during the conference, during which the working group formulated and agreed upon two documents:

  1. An appeal to the Brazilian Supreme Court: The Court was called on to expedite the judgement regarding the unconstitutionality of the federal law permitting the mining, sale, use and transport and export of asbestos.
  2. A letter to Premier Pauline Marois: Qubec Premier, who was in Paris at the time of there conference for meetings and was congratulated by conference delegates for the courageous position taken by her government in withdrawing the financial assistance promised to the Jeffrey (Asbestos) Mine.

The rally was attended by more than 5000 individuals despite the inclement weather.