Argosy commences development site works at Rincon

Image credit: Argosy Minerals Limited ASX release

Australian resources company Argosy Minerals Limited has commenced site works on the Stage 1 development plan at the Rincon Lithium JV Project located in the “Lithium Triangle” in Salta Province, Argentina.

Image credit: Argosy Minerals Limited ASX release
Image credit: Argosy Minerals Limited ASX release

The Stage 1 Development plan of works at the Project envisions pond construction and associated works, including contractor tendering, to be completed by the end of the year. Pond lining and associated works are to be completed during March 2017 quarter, while brine extension, pumping, storage and transportation works are scheduled for completion by the end of September next year.

Under the plan of works, pilot plant construction and test-works, including brine processing, analysis and laboratory treatment of the lithium concentrate will also be finalised in September 2017.

If all goes as planned, the company is targeting laboratory-scale lithium (LCE) production by the end of next year.

Argosy said local survey constructors have been engaged to conduct the initial topographic survey works within the Rincon Project area in order to obtain the data required to prepare for the upcoming commencement of pond construction works.

The company will now conduct a site visit with the pond construction contractors to prepare the engineering, logistics, mobilisation and general works plan and budget for these specific works.

Argosy Managing Director, Jerko Zuvela said the company continues to review and assess additional mining concessions prospective for lithium for the Rincon Lithium JV Project to increase the Project landholding in preparation for potential Stage 2 (and 3) development works.

“We are excited to progress with our fast-track development strategy. Getting these survey works completed takes us a step closer to reaching our Stage 1 target of producing LCE at the Rincon Lithium JV Project,” Mr Zuvela said.

“I look forward to further progress and building a credible and substantial lithium development and production venture.”