Asia Pacific Mining Limited announces discovery of high-grade silver-lead-zinc mineralisation at the AP-4 exploration license in Myanmar

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Asia Pacific Mining Limited (APML) has announced that the first month of exploration activity on its AP-4 license in Shan State, Myanmar, has resulted in significant discoveries of sulphide silver-lead-zinc mineralisation.

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“The 100% owned AP-4 exploration license was granted to APML on October 3, 2014 by the Myanmar Ministry of Mines. The 649 square kilometre license area was applied for by APML based on immediate proximity to the historic Bawdwin silver-lead-zinc (+ copper, nickel, antimony and gold) mine — one of the most prolific producers of base and precious metals under the British colonial regime in Myanmar,” the company stated.

“After reviewing APML’s proprietary database and technical library, the Company’s technical team concluded that the potential for additional volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) mineralisation in the area surrounding the Bawdwin mine is very good – especially in light of the near-complete lack of exploration here during modern times.”

In October, APML technical stuff conducted a series of initial field surveys in the immediate area surrounding the Bawdwin mine, which yielded the discovery of significant mineralisation and the remains of an old Chinese mining site.

“A zone of mineralisation was initially delineated by the discovery of significant piles of slag material located in and around the banks of streams. It is believed these represent the remains of Chinese mining and smelting operations dating to the 14th Century,” the company said.

“Further exploration in the area of these slag piles resulted in the discovery of massive sulphide material in stream cobbles. Recently-received assay results have confirmed the very high-grade nature of this mineralisation — with sample AP4-001 returning results of 305 g/t Ag, 56.9% Pb, 4.1% Zn, equating to 2,560 g/t Ag equivalent.”

These results prompted APML to begin discussions with drilling contractors on procuring rigs for drill-testing of this target. It is expected that the target will be ready for drilling by April.

The company also informed that it is advancing exploration activities at a number of areas considered prospective for the discovery of additional targets across the 649 square kilometres of license area that make up the AP-4 project.