Australian Avocado Industry plans long term exports to Asian countries

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According to an article by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s avocado industry is on the way to developing a new export plan focused on old and new developing Asian markets.

Image Credit: Dan at
Image Credit: Dan at

The plan has been part of the agenda outlined at Avocados Australia’s recent annual general meeting in Port Macquarie in northern South Wales.

John Tyas, the industry body’s chief executive officer claims that the agenda all leads to setting up new and profitable markets for the future.

“We’re keen to put in protocols to regain access to Thailand that we lost access to last year,” Tyas said.

“Also, Japan and China are two key markets that we’re keen to open and that process is very long term so you need to start early to make sure those markets are open when increased supplies come on in years to come.”


Tyas says that Australia has been exporting avocados in places like Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets, and although it might take a while, Australia is hoping for legal access to export avocados to China.

“We don’t have a quarantine market access protocol, so we have to go through a process of proving to the Chinese authorities that we can manage any quarantine risks of their concern and put in formal protocols for trade,” he said.

Japan and China are the two markets that they’re hoping to penetrate, despite the long process, they are starting now to make sure those target markets will be open if there happens to be an increase in supplies in the future.

When the Australian Avocado industry gains access to Japan and China, there will be a better market for Australian growers.

“It’s still a fairly new product in China, but the Chinese are looking for new foods and the changes in China, with the urbanisation that’s going on and the increase of their standard of living and their ability to pay for these types of products, we think is quite good,” Tyas said.

“Other countries are also seeing Asia and China as a real opportunity, so countries like Peru and Mexico and Chile, they’re all keen to develop that market.”

New Zealand is one step ahead by securing Japan as a customer but like Australia, they are also trying to export avocados to China.