Australian Strategic Materials’ titanium powder just got approved for 3D printing in South Korea

Image Credit: Australian Strategic Materials

Emerging “mine to manufacturer” producer of critical metals Australian Strategic Materials (ASX:ASM) will soon be able to 3D print its high-purity titanium powder thanks to approval from HANA AMT, a Korean 3D printing group.

Advanced manufacturer HANA AMT confirmed – through an independent review – that ASM’s 75/day run of titanium powder holds a metal purity of 99.918%, ASM announced today.

ASM also revealed that it has signed a non-disclosure agreement with HANA AMT as the two parties progress talks towards an initial 1,500 tonne per year offtake agreement.

Commenting on the approval, ASM Managing Director David Woodall said: “This independent review of ASM’s titanium metal powder is a great validation of our patented metal process, confirming the high purity and the environmental benefits of the metal ASM can produce for the manufacturing sector in Korea.

“We look for to progressing negotiations and continuing discussions with other potential offtake and strategic partners during our time in Korea.”

Woodall added that the Company will continue to produce sample permanent magnets for the Korean market to review as they continue to work with the Korean Institute of Rare Metals (KIRAM).

With the successful review, ASM inches closer to its goal of becoming a “fully integrated critical metals producer” by supplying metals direct to manufacturers through the Dubbo Project and the establishment of the Company’s metal business.