BHP BIlliton donates US$10.7m to YMCA of Northwest Louisiana

Image credit: flickr User: Emir

BHP Billiton announced on Tuesday a $10.7 million donation to the YMCA of Northwest Louisiana for the development of the YMCA Red River Fitness & Natural Sciences Campus, which is to be located near Clyde Fant Parkway and East Preston Avenue, the home of nearly half a million people.

Image credit: flickr User: Emir
Image credit: flickr User: Emir

“We are excited to be partnering with not just the leadership and staff of the YMCA, but with children and families throughout northwest Louisiana to bring home a world-class campus and facilities to this community,” said BHP Billiton’s Petroleum & Potash President Tim Cutt.

“The YMCA’s vision and plans for this location will have a multi-parish impact for generations to come. We at BHP Billiton are committed to enhancing the lives of our neighbours in the communities where we operate and for this reason we are proud to announce our support today.”

According to the media release by BHP Billiton, The Red River Fitness & Natural Sciences Campus will stretch across 150 acres.

Aside from the new multi-purpose fitness facility and the 50 meter swimming pool, the Campus will also include natural science education facilities.

The campus will entail a partnership with Shreveport Little League to redesign and rebuild adjacent ball fields and soccer fields. Each will be developed to better facilitate physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, education, and parental participation.

“To reach our community and address our long-term challenges with youth and families, we need a comprehensive approach and facilities of this size and scope,” said Greg Morrison, Chairman of the YMCA.

“The Shreveport Little League, swimming clubs, local educators, parents, and grandparents will all have a role in ensuring the bigger success for our entire community.”

The YMCA of Northwest Louisiana was established in Shreveport in the late 1860s and currently has two locations in the region, including the downtown location erected in 1924.

“We are hopeful that this campus will enjoy an equally proud and long tenure in the community and the programs and services we’ll be able to provide will positively impact even more children and families,” said Gary Lash, Executive Director of the YMCA.