BHP looking to construct wind fence at Finucane Island

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BHP has announced plans to build a wind fence at Finucane Island as part of its Pilbara Air Quality Program.

Designed for the Pilbara’s unique weather conditions, the fence will be located on the western side of BHP’s Finucane Island port operations, and will include mesh panels designed to reduce wind speeds, shielding the stockyard and reducing the potential for dust lift-off.

BHP said the system has been designed to deal with the extreme wind conditions often experienced in Port Hedland.

“As the wind speed reaches a certain limit, the mesh curtain opens, to let the air flow through the fence,” reads the statement.

BHP Port General Manager, Nilson Davila, said the wind fence, which will be constructed using global best practice dust management and air quality control technology, is still subject to all necessary internal and State Government approvals.

“We continue to work closely with government, industry and the local community to further improve air quality controls at our operations and for the communities in which we operate,” said Mr Davila.

“We want to help improve local amenity while also continuing to provide jobs and economic opportunity for the region.”

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