Boosting Mineral Exploration In Tasmania With 3D Modelling


The Minister for Energy and Resources Bryan Green has praised ground breaking 3D modelling of Tasmania, which is aimed at boosting mineral exploration.

Picture: (dan)

In an Australian first, highly detailed 3D geological models are now accessible through a state-of-the-art viewing facility at Mineral Resources Tasmania.

“The level of detail in these new 3D models provides a great opportunity for exploration and mining companies to identify potential areas for exploration,” Mr Green said.

“The production of new geoscientific information will play a significant role in attracting further investment.”

“The discovery of new mineral-bearing deposits is very much the lifeblood of the industry and essential to sustaining it in the long term.”

“Mining is a key industry for Tasmania’s economic prosperity and the Government is doing everything it can to promote further exploration.”

“Tasmania is open for business and we welcome continued investment in our mining industry.

“The facts speak for themselves with exploration investment over the last year consistently exceeding pre global financial crisis levels.

“This clearly demonstrates the current strength of mineral exploration in Tasmania and is reflected in a large number of major exploration projects, many of which are proceeding into the mine planning stage.

Mr Green said the mining industry now contributed more than 50 per cent of Tasmania’s gross export income.

“The Government is absolutely committed to supporting investment and jobs in our mining sector,” Mr Green said.