Confidence soars in Tasmanian mining industry

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mining 1

The Minister for Energy and Resources Bryan Green has revealed last week that increasing confidence in Tasmania’s mining industry is boosting jobs growth and investment in the sector.

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Image courtesy of [wandee007] /

Mr Green, who officially opened the 2013 Tasmanian Minerals Conference in Hobart last week, said the Government’s strong support of jobs and promotion of investment was paying off.

“Over the last 130 years, minerals worth $150 billion (in today’s dollars) have been developed from Tasmanian mines and the wealth generated from mining continues to be a cornerstone of Tasmanian economy,” Mr Green said.

Mr Green believes a public rally to be held at Tullah on May 25 was a great opportunity for Tasmanians to show their support for the industry.


“New mines planned by Venture Minerals near Tullah will provide up to 1000 new jobs and will generate tens of millions of dollars a year in revenue.”

The rally is being organised by the Australian Workers Union, West Coast Council and the Tullah Progress Association.

Mr Green noted that the decision not to place a heritage listing on vast areas of the Tarkine had removed a major impediment to mining investment in the region.

“This ensures that potential investors and mining companies can now proceed with greater confidence and that’s the message we are continuing to push. Last year we saw a 31 per cent increase over the previous year in exploration expenditure totalling $40.7 million and the prospects for more new mines are on the horizon,” Mr Green said.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures have shown direct employment in mining has jumped by more than 2000 jobs in the past two years.

“There is no better demonstration that Tasmania’s mining industry is open for business.”

Mr Green added that employment in the mining industry now stood at more than 5,500 of which 96 per cent are full time jobs.

“This represents 67 per cent increase in jobs growth over the past two years. Over the past year two major mining companies (Venture and Shree) have been granted leases for new mines which will lead to more new jobs and revenue for Tasmania,” Mr Green said.