Direct action a sound alternative to flawed carbon tax, says AMMA

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The Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) has welcomed the agreement to legislate the Abbott Government’s direct action policy on climate change, saying it represented a sound approach to reducing carbon emissions and encouraging innovation.

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“AMMA welcomes that direct action is based on a competitive market mechanism that incentivises carbon abatement rather than penalises its emission. Such a scheme will help drive productivity improvements and sustainable development initiatives,” said AMMA Chief Executive Steve Knott.

“This approach has been endorsed by the community as the best option for our country to move forward on climate change, certainty as a more considered alternative to flawed carbon taxes.”

He said that unlike the carbon tax, this approach was sensible and proportionate to carbon abatement that minimises the impact on Australia’s economy and living standards.

“Once the direct action plan is legislated, Australian industry can get on with business with greater certainty on how Australia is responding to climate change and the responsibilities and obligations of individual enterprises,” said Mr Knott.

AMMA noted that the agreement with the Palmer United Party included an 18-month inquiry into international emissions trading schemes and said such inquiry should take into account the comparability of international approaches with Australia’s economy, geography and industry.

“Consideration of any international emissions trading schemes need to be broken down by industry sector and consider the comparability to Australia’s heavily trade exposed economy,” Mr Knott said.

“Ultimately, we do not want to create an unequal playing field that will disadvantage not only individual Australian enterprises, but also our broader economy, jobs and national wellbeing.”