Ditterich Agriculture Introduces Blockgrain System To Bring Ag-Tech In A New Level

Image Credit: www.blockgrain.com.au

Gold Coast startup Ditterich Agriculture has unveiled its fully automated platform, designed by farmers for farmers to analyze grain quality, connect with global commodity markets, manage the supply chain and increase profit margins.  

Image Credit: www.blockgrain.com.au

According to Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch, Advance Queensland provided $95,000 to help the startup fast-track the development of platform technologies to improve the competitiveness of Queensland’s agricultural industries, and to commercialize their market-ready innovation. It will assist BlockGrain with enhancing the technology’s intellectual property protection, full integration of the platform with a handheld device and marketing it to new customers.

“It is an exciting time. We will soon be releasing our logistics platform, which will allow growers and logistics companies to track all grain movements throughout the supply chain at the touch of a button, removing all related paperwork. Without Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding, we simply would not be where we are today,” Founder Caile Ditterich said.

The startup’s platform will allow growers to connect with all levels of the supply chain – from the paddock through to transport and storage, and then to the market, and increase margins by creating supply chain efficiencies, expediting payments, and expanding access to new markets.

“Moving forward, BlockGrain has the potential to connect buyers from all over the world to growers across Australia – increasing our export opportunities,” he concluded.

Nine grain brokers are currently trialling the system, each servicing up to 100 clients. Several other brokers have also shown keen interest in using the BlockGrain system.