Dry spells compel Perth residents to focus on Fresh Water Thinking

Image credit: morgueFile User: imelenchon

Western Australia’s Water Minister Terry Redman has launched the Fresh Water Thinking water saving campaign on Sunday, aimed at encouraging and educating West Australians to become more accountable and cautious with their water consumption habits. The campaign comes at a time when the country is facing an increasingly drying climate and growth in population.

Image credit: morgueFile User:  imelenchon
Image credit: morgueFile User: imelenchon

According to a ministerial statement issued by the Government of Western Australia, the Fresh Water Thinking campaign was masterminded by the Water Corporation to raise the awareness of the community of the importance of the city’s water supplies.

Mr. Redman said the city of Perth is facing a lengthy spell of drying climate and highlighted the importance of changes in management of the city’s water sources.

“On our first hot day in November, Perth residents used over one billion litres of water – that would normally only be expected in the height of summer,” he said.

“Long gone are the days when we could simply rely on dams, WA’s water is now sourced from a combination of ground, sea and recycled water and importantly, is saved by reducing the water use of individuals.”

Despite of the alarming numbers, Mr. Redman said that the city is well on the way to reduce scheme water use to acceptable levels of 125,000 liters per person, per year.

The residents of Perth have drastically reduced their water consumption habits since 2001 onward, with annual water use dropping from 191,000 liters per annum to 132,000 liters this year.

“But the more water we save, the harder it is to find new ways to save and for this reason we all need to try some Fresh Water Thinking,” the Minister said.

“We’re asking the community to think outside the box for new and inventive ways to save – just as we’ve had to, to diversify our water sources.”

Mr. Redman highlighted the importance of the community in sustaining Perth’s water supplies within acceptable levels and reiterated that every individual must act responsibly and keep water use to a minimum, especially leading into and over the summer.