First Uley Graphite export shipment from Port Adelaide puts Australia back on the global graphite supply chain

Image credit: Valence Industries website

Valence Industries has announced that the first shipment of graphite, that left the company’s Port Lincoln site two weeks ago, left Port Adelaide yesterday for export to customers in the Asia Pacific.

Image credit: Valence Industries website
Image credit: Valence Industries website

According to the company’s ASX announcement, approximately 20 tonnes of flake graphite had been shipped to Valence’s Port Adelaide logistics handling facility in preparation for export, which marks the first graphite export from Australia in more than 2 decades.

The graphite is now being shipped to Valence Industries’ customers in the Asia Pacific, while production ramp up commissioning at the Uley GraphiteTM site is performing as planned.

With Valence’s shipment, Australia is back on the global graphite supply chain which is worth around US$13.6 billion.


“This export is an historic milestone for Valence Industries and the positive response from customers across a range of industries globally demonstrates the strength of the Company’s position as the only Australian producer of flake graphite,“ said Valence Industries’ Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Darby.

“There is added significance surrounding the shipment as it represents a new export industry for South Australia and the country, and Valence Industries aims to grow this substantially in the coming months and years. I wish to thank all involved in helping Valence Industries achieve its first export – our dedicated staff and contractors, the South Australian government and the Port Lincoln community.”

The company also announced that it plans to expand its existing facilities and to develop a new advanced processing capacity.

“The first stage of the expansion program will more than double current graphite production capacity to 39,000 tonnes per annum with output increasing at the Uley GraphiteTM site during CY 2016 along with delivery of advanced materials handling and processing capacity in Adelaide. Valence Industries is concluding negotiations to secure finance for the expansion program,” reads the ASX Announcement.