Fortescue unveils the Positive Power Plan at APEC

Image credit: Fortescue Metals Group

Fortescue has unveiled its Positive Power Plan at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco.

Fortescue developed the Plan in response to scientific evidence from a recently completed global research and lecture tour that growing atmospheric heat is pushing global humidity levels to dangerous thresholds. Fortescue has founded the Lethal Humidity Global Council, which includes scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, NASA, MIT, Harvard, Tsinghua University, Peking University, CSIRO, Sydney University, Melbourne University, and IIT Delhi. The scientists unanimously cautioned that Lethal Humidity, which is presently responsible for thousands of fatalities worldwide, might be accountable for millions if allowed unchecked.

The Plan is a practical solution developed in collaboration with global businesses and scientists to facilitate a seamless and equitable transition to green energy.

Fortescue Chairman Dr Andrew Forrest AO highlighted that APEC economies significantly influence the global trading environment and the emissions trajectory, thereby influencing the world’s escape from the climate crisis.


Dr Forrest explained that the Positive Power Plan is a comprehensive strategy to reduce global warming and safeguard mammalian species from extreme heat/humidity levels that threaten human survival.

“This APEC is a major opportunity for global business to pursue green energy and decarbonisation in what will be seen as a massive economic accelerator for nation’s who are building higher standards of living, employment and economic growth. Fortescue is committed to being a major green energy contributor in the United States in light of the substantial opportunities presented by the Inflation Reduction Act,” Dr Forrest said.

“The official launch of the Plan at Australia House recognises the enormous potential that Australia has as a renewable energy superpower. It is an opportunity to showcase the steps the Australian Government is taking to match policy settings to risk, including through initiatives such as Hydrogen Headstart and the Safeguard mechanism.” 

The Fortescue Plan, initially proposed, has been supported by the Lethal Humidity Global Council, Green Hydrogen Organisation, Futerra, and global climate policy leaders, including Julia Soulder, Chair of the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA).

The Positive Power Plan is a comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing the adverse effects of global warming by addressing energy market distortions and promoting green energy adoption. It covers fiscal, carbon, and trade policies to encourage the swift development of green energy supply chains and ecosystems.

“For every degree our planet warms, global humidity rises approximately 7 per cent, and we have already seen a significant rise in humidity levels since the 1850s. If we can’t cool ourselves, our internal body temperatures can quickly rise to a level that is deadly. Now, more than ever, policy makers must show leadership and accelerate action on the climate crisis,” Fortescue Chief Climate Scientist Dr Shanta Barley said.

The Positive Power campaign website and social media channels have been launched and garnered over 73 million global impressions.