Glencore Xstrata snubs Collinsville local mine workers

Xtrata's Collinsville mine Image credit: flickr User: ibsut

Glencore Xstrata is reopening its Collinsville mine in North Queensland, but has rejected most job applications by local skilled mine workers.

Xtrata's Collinsville mine Image credit: flickr User: ibsut
Xtrata’s Collinsville mine
Image credit: flickr User: ibsut

According to the news release from CFMEU, the mining giant has largely angered the community as skilled and experienced locals have been robbed of the opportunity to earn their livelihood, while others are being evicted from their homes right before Christmas.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland President Stephen Smyth addressed Collinsville mineworkers yesterday regarding the latest developments in the company’s plans to reopen the mine and restart production during the first months of 2014.

According to the Union, at least three-quarters of the skilled mine workers that have applied for jobs at the mine have been rejected by Glencore. The numbers say that only one of three local dragline operators has been rehired.

All other applicants have been referred to a third-party labour hire firm called Workpac. According to Mr Smyth, Workpac will be in charge of managing future employment at the Collinsville mine.


“After applying in good faith for their own jobs according to the process set out by Glencore, locals are being knocked back and flick-passed to a third party to re-apply. Workpac’s contract is for Glencore operations nationally, so there’s little chance Collinsville workers will get work in Collinsville.”

“To add insult to injury, Glencore is evicting families from company housing – when they’re not even sure if they’ll get work at the mine. People are worried about speaking out because they fear it will jeopardise their chance of getting a job in future.”

“At the same time, recent activity of non-union workers from outside Collinsville at the mine site has stirred fires polluting the town. Glencore is showing its true colours as a heartless multinational in Collinsville. The company’s behaviour will devastate a proud mining town: it’s time locals were given a fair go,” Mr Smyth said.