Good news for Queensland growers following fruit fly infestation

Queensland fruit fly Image credit: flickr User: Troy™

The last checks of the supplementary traps at the two Riverland outbreak sites revealed no presence of Queensland fruit fly.

Queensland fruit fly Image credit: flickr User: Troy™
Queensland fruit fly
Image credit: flickr User: Troy™

According to the media release issued by Agriculture Minister Gail Gago, three baiting teams and three hygiene teams in Loxton, as well as two baiting and two hygiene teams in Pyap are working hard as part of the incident response action.

The region had been battling the threat of bush fires and challenges posed by the pest infestation in recent days, so the empty traps are considered much needed good news.

“It’s been a very difficult time for people in the Riverland, and although it’s early days I am glad to be able to report that at this stage no further Q-fly have been detected. I have been extraordinarily impressed by the work that has been carried out in partnership between the industry and government since this outbreak was declared,” said Ms Gago.

“When I visited the region last Friday, I was briefed by the Incident Controller and met with staff at the operation control centre, witnessing firsthand the commitment and diligence with which this incident is being tackled. I also met with 40 new casual staff who had just completed training, and are now out on the ground doing cleanup work, baiting traps and getting the right information to the community.”


Ms Gago added that eradicating the pest from the State and maintaining the fruit fly-free status is of the utmost importance.

“Meeting the Riverland Fruit Fly Committee – made up of representatives from the horticultural, citrus and wine industries, local council and the community – to discuss the rollout of eradication and quarantine measures, instilled me with confidence that the preparations made by industry, State and Local Governments stand us in good stead to see off this threat,“ said Ms Gago.

“Talking to growers at the centre of the outbreak on Friday brought into stark relief how critically important the eradication of this pest is. In the face of increased pest pressure from Victoria and New South Wales who have largely abandoned eradication efforts, this Government has introduced a range of extra measures in the fight against fruit fly, and will continue its efforts to maintain our fruit fly-free status.”