Greentech Media: Bill Gates is wrong about renewable energy


Bill Gates — one of the most powerful personalities globally, founder of Microsoft and co-owner of one of the largest charitable organisations in the macrocosm, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — has pressed out the importance about the cost of renewable energy on his blog last June.

Greentech Media: Bill Gates is wrong about renewable energy
(Creative Commons: Windwärts Energy, 2011)

Grossing $53 billion in income, Gates’ foundation has centred on global health, fair water, energy resources and funding of entrepreneurs. Hence, his opinions regarding developing countries using coals and other low-cost fossil fuels as an alternative to generate electricity has drawn a great deal of care to the public.

“Instead of putting constraints on poor countries that will hold back their ability to fight poverty, we should be investing dramatically more money in R&D to make fossil fuels cleaner and make clean energy cheaper than any fossil fuel,” Gates have written on his blog.

“After all, human beings are causing our climate to change, and our use of fossil fuels is a huge reason.”


In his blog, Gates has promoted two videos featuring Danish political scientist, Bjorn Lomborg, illustrating the connection between energy and poverty.

According to Greentech Media’s report, “Finding the right mix of resources for use in developing countries is a complicated exercise. But the economics of renewables are far better than fossil fuels in many cases.”

Greentech Media has attached a podcast regarding why Gates is wrong in linking up the cost of wind, solar and other technologies.