GroundProbe Opens Third Dedicated Monitoring Centre in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The new remote monitoring centre in Belo Horizonte. Image Provided:
Media Release By Orica

GroundProbe have opened a dedicated Geotechnical Support Service (GSS) monitoring centre in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to better serve our growing Brazilian customer base. The centre will provide 24/7 real-time remote radar and laser monitoring services for mine slopes and tailings dams.

The centre joins our two existing high-tech monitoring centres in Santiago, Chile, and Balikpapan, Indonesia to provide support in four languages – Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Bahasa.

Monitoring live stability data and reacting to alarms to ensure the maximum safety of people and communities, the centre connects remote sites with geotechnical industry experts in real-time. The centres are crewed by more than 100 highly experienced engineers and radar operators with extensive radar knowledge and experience.

GroundProbe is widely accepted as the global leader in real-time technologies used to detect instabilities and predict when mine and dam collapses will occur. The company’s products and people are the most trusted in the market.

GroundProbe CEO, David Noon, said that the company had witnessed a huge increase in demand for remote geotechnical expertise in Brazil.

“We saw it as an absolute necessity to bolster our offering and extend our support services to the region,” said Mr Noon.

“The state-of-the-art centre provides the most technologically advanced solution for remote monitoring in the region and shows our level of commitment to our customers there.

“It leans on our five and a half years of remote monitoring experience, our recognised systems and processes and our established resourcing model, all of which ensures the highest level of data integrity and service availability.”

GroundProbe’s experts have set the industry standard for trusted geotechnical monitoring and support with a depth of knowledge and experience unmatched by any other company.

GroundProbe Head of Geotechnical, Peter Saunders, explained how the service’s positive results and statistics speak for themselves.

“Together, our GSS team have detected and provided early notification to site of 1,440 slope failures, validated 3,615 alarms and managed 44,608 unwanted alarms,” said Mr Saunders.

“GroundProbe also has the world’s largest library of wall folders. Our experts have unprecedented access to this data, gaining a unique perspective on geotechnical monitoring borne from analysing thousands of slope failures and assisting with numerous incident investigations,” he said.

This newest monitoring centre in Belo Horizonte will provide the same leading services to our customers, including: GSS-Remote, our 24-hour remote monitoring solution; GSS-Training, our specialised SSR and laser training service; and GSS-Reporting, our customised analysis and reporting service.

The Belo Horizonte team is now ready deliver certainty and confidence to our customers around the world with comprehensive support, reducing operational workload and keeping people and communities safe.