Hannans announces core drilling and geophysical surveys at Spargos prospect

Image credit: www.hannansreward.com

Australian exploration company Hannans has commenced core drilling at the Queen Victoria Rocks Project, located 55km southwest of Coolgardie, Western Australia, to determine if high grade nickel is located at the base of the interpreted lava channel in the strongly anomalous ultramafic units within the Spargos prospect.

Image credit: www.hannansreward.com
Image credit: www.hannansreward.com

Hannans said drilling will be followed by downhole geophysical surveys (DHEM) searching for off-hole conductors that may represent accumulations of massive nickel sulphide mineralisation.

According to the company, the drill program and DHEM surveys will continue for 4-6 weeks with interpretation of results expected to be completed late January 2017.

“The Spargos prospect has all the geological characteristics of a system that one could expect to be well mineralised,” the company told the ASX.

“While disseminated low grade nickel sulphide mineralisation was first identified within the Spargos prospect by Spargos Exploration NL in 1971, the identification of significant massive high grade nickel has so far eluded explorers. Recent assays have however reinvigorated the potential for Spargos to host massive high grade nickel sulphide mineralisation at the base of the interpreted lava channel.”

The Spargos prospect is located on the southern extension of the Ida Fault that hosts the Mt Alexander North nickel sulphide project owned by St George Mining.