Hays claims Australian miners should not fret

Image credit: freedigitalphotos By: worradmu

Recruitment agency Hays has revealed the results from the latest conducted research, according to which Australian miners have nothing to worry about, as there are plenty available jobs in the mining industry.

Image credit: freedigitalphotos By: worradmu
Image credit: freedigitalphotos By: worradmu

According to the news article on ABC, the Hays quarterly report reveals employees in engineering, maintenance and shutdown are the most in demand, especially in the iron ore sector.

“Absolutely, it’s actually quite busy in the iron ore market at the moment, particularly for the areas around production. Some of these companies are returning some of their largest production numbers in history and the investment has slowed for new mines, but the existing mines are very, very busy,” said West Australian state regional director Chris Kent.

“The demand for people who have significant experience in iron ore, and in areas such as reliability, process improvements, almost the lean manufacturing skills that come out of our dwindling manufacturing sector, those skills are in high demand and therefore those salaries have stayed strong in that area. Where salaries have come down is in contract rates for the construction side in particular, just as there is just less demand for those workers now.”

As far as skills in demand go, Mr Kent predicts the following year will remain the same and no notable changes and fluctuations will be recorded.

“So selective investment is the term we’re using for the mining industry at the moment. I certainly think that will stay the same for certainly the next three to six months and really, with commodity prices largely being stable, I can’t see anything major on the horizon that would change that,” said Mr Kent.

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