Hopes fading for 18 miners trapped in Turkish coal mine

Image credit: flickr user: Musa Gok

Hopes are fading for the 18 miners trapped in a mine in Ermenek, a district of Karaman province in southern Turkey, following the flooding accident at the mine more than a week ago.

Image credit: flickr user: Musa Gok
Image credit: flickr user: Musa Gok

Turkey’s emergency management agency, AFAD, said the accident happened when a broken pipe in the mine caused flooding in an area of the pit, trapping the miners 300 meters underground.

According to the BBC, twenty workers have either been rescued or escaped on their own from the flooded coal mine.

The accident at Ermenek comes months after 301 miners lost their lives in Turkey’s worst industrial disaster, in the western town of Soma, on 13 May.

Expert reports revealed that the necessary safety measures were not taken to prevent the disaster in Soma, identifying 20 instances of gross negligence.