Industry needs to get better at telling its story: research, survey

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Queensland’s resource sector companies are focused on building stronger bonds and delivering even more returns to local communities and all Queenslanders. 

The Queensland Resources Council’s Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said the latest research conducted by an independent research agency has reinforced the need for the sector to better explain its everyday importance, relevance and world class environmental standards to all Queenslanders. 

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It’s clear the industry, and the hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders working in it, must strengthen the understanding of all Queenslanders of the benefits from industry for all Queenslanders, particularly those who live in the South East corner of the State, now and into the future.

“This latest research backs our own State of the Sector report released in March which surveyed resource chiefs about the wider view across other industries to increase community appreciation,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“To highlight this point, 67 percent of Queenslanders surveyed as part of this independent research were either uninformed or had a balanced view on the resources sector. The research found that 20 percent could be described as pro-mining and 13 percent responded as anti-mining. 

“The opportunity is to listen to our community and tell our story to Queenslanders particularly how relevant resources are to them and of the benefits they each get from a strong and vibrant resources industry in Queensland.  Our sector is part of every Queenslander’s life, whether it’s the silver in their smartphones, the copper in their solar panels or the steel in their car. 

  “Queensland’s resource sector contributes more than 80 percent to the State’s exports, supports more than 315,000 full-time jobs and is on track to pay more than $5.3 billion in royalty taxes to build schools, hospitals and roads. But we need to keep telling our story. 

“The quarterly State of the Sector survey found in the next 12 months an overwhelming majority of resource companies plan to invest more on working with local communities, with 68 percent of companies surveyed committed to increasing or significantly increasing community and social capability.

“As an industry, we need to be strengthening our linkage with our communities and local stakeholders. Mining offers so much locally – yet we are not doing a great job in reinforcing these links.”