Hudson job survey shows NSW has the strongest employment outlook of all states

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Global recruitment firm Hudson has conducted a job survey which showed that positive hiring intentions dropped slightly across Australia, down 0.1 pp quarter on quarter to 23.3%.

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According to the article on Yahoo, of the total number of 2,887 Australian employers that were interviewed as part of the survey, 12.1% said they were planning to retrench staff in the three months to the end of June, compared to 11.2% in the previous quarterly forecast.

The numbers illustrate that hiring intentions among Australian organisations remain steady at a national level, but that there had been movement at a state level, the most significant being a 5pp increase in intention to hire in NSW.

Driven by the information technology, financial and professional services sectors, NSW has the nation’s strongest employment outlook, with 27.9 % saying they’ll employ new staff. The state’s positive hiring intentions went up 5pp to 27.9%, taking it to the 1st place, followed by South Australia (24.7 %), Queensland (22.5 %) and Victoria (21.7 %).

Executive general manager of Hudson Australia Dean Davidson said the numbers showed the Australian economy was shifting away from being dominated by mining.


“The move to a more balanced economy isn’t painless, and we’ve seen some organisations hurt while they go through the business transformation process to equip themselves for success in today’s tougher operational environment,” Mr Davidson said.

According to the report by Hudson, the industry most likely to cut jobs is resources, with 20.9% of respondents planning to reduce staff numbers, an increase of 9.5 percentage points from three months earlier.

Professional Services has the highest proportion of employers expecting to increase headcount, up 3.2 pp to 40.9%, whereas the Legal profession topped the chart this quarter with 39.6% of employers looking to increase headcount in Q2, followed by Financial Services and Office Support.

However, Technical & Engineering dropped by a considerable 12.6 pp, bringing this profession to the bottom of the list, with 28.9% of employers surveyed looking to decrease staffing levels in Q2.