Li-S Energy joins Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre


Li-S Energy announced it has joined the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC) in a move that will enable the Company to leverage its co-funded R&D on advanced electrolytes for Lithium Metal and Lithium Sulphur batteries.

The FBICRC is the largest Australian alliance of business, government, and researchers focused on battery technologies, having been established in 2019 through the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program.

The Centre has brought together 70 participants across 15 research projects in just a few years, and it shares Li-S Energy’s dedication to ensuring Australia plays a key role in the global battery revolution.

“FBICRC CEO Shannon O’Rourke said collaboration was key when it came to “capturing the opportunity the industry has in front of it”.

“We know the global battery demand is expected to grow at least 9 to 10-fold over the next decade, so we must accelerate our development of this technology,” he continued.

“Investments and collaboration from partners like Li-S Energy allow us to advance our research and capability in battery materials and precursor manufacturing, and in turn, broaden their own opportunities for market penetration,” he said.

Professor Maria Forsyth, Alfred Deakin Professor and Head of the Deakin University BatTRI-Hub team — alongside Professor Patrick Howlett — is anticipating valuable synergies between her team’s work for Li-S Energy and for the FBICRC, where she leads the Future Electrolyte Systems project.

“There is so much excellent fundamental and applied research being done across Australia in the battery industry and research community,” she said.

“FBICRC collaborative industry projects enable us to develop and share fundamental battery R&D among industry participants, enabling companies like Li-S Energy to leverage the results as a springboard for their own unique innovations, such as Li-S Energy’s BNNT and Li-nanomesh enhanced lithium sulphur and lithium metal batteries.”

CEO Dr. Lee Finniear commented: “At Li-S Energy our goal is to deliver lithium sulphur and lithium metal batteries with unprecedented performance and cycle life, by using our unique BNNT and Li-nanomesh nanocomposites. These batteries are the “holy grail” of EV, drone and electric aviation markets, combining high energy storage and low weight.

Our collaboration with FBICRC accelerates our time to market by enabling us to access advanced electrolytes developed specifically for these high energy cells, further magnifying the benefits over lithium-ion.

“We are proud to be supporting the Australian battery ecosystem through our joint investment and contribution to the FBICRC, and to be playing our part in projecting Australia onto the global stage as an innovative player in the drive to deliver the global Carbon Zero economy.”

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