Live export industry smashes records

Image credit: flickr user: Veszprémi Balázs

The Northern Territory live export industry is enjoying its best year since 2008, according to data released by the Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries Willem Westra van Holthe.

Image credit: flickr user: Veszprémi Balázs
Image credit: flickr user: Veszprémi Balázs

Minister Westra van Holthe said the Port of Darwin has already exported over 392,000 head of cattle in the 2014, beating its previous record in 2008, when it managed to export 359,307 head of cattle.

According to him, the improved export volume was down to the hard work and determination of pastoralists on the land.

“To think only a few years ago, the live export ban brought this industry to its knees and now it is bigger than ever before. Our Territory pastoralists are a resilient mob. They have been through some tough times and considerable hardship but this achievement is a symbol of their hard work and determination,” the Minister said.

He said the diversification of the market has also played an important role in increasing the beef prices, with feeder steers selling for up to $2.45 a kilogram.

“Due to the diversification of the market, beef prices have risen and exporters are now paying record prices, people are talking about $2.45 per kilogram for feeder steers. That’s incredible,” Mr Westra van Holthe said.

“Further to this, Indonesia has released 260,000 import permits for the fourth quarter of this year. This combined with emerging markets in Cambodia and strong trading relationships throughout Asia are all good signs of growing this industry even further.”

He said the Country Liberals Government was determined to continue building the live export industry.

“We want to work with pastoralists to grow the Territory’s herd. This Government supports our live exporters and we are proud of their achievements.”