Lucapa recovers premium 62 carat diamond from new area at Lulo

Image credit: Lucapa Diamond Company ASX statement

Lucapa Diamond Company and its partners, Angola’s national diamond company Endiama and private group Rosas & Petalas, have announced the recovery of a large premium-value diamond from another new alluvial mining area at the Lulo Diamond project in Angola.

Image credit: Lucapa Diamond Company ASX statement

The 62 carat diamond, which is the second largest diamond to be recovered from a new mining area at Lulo this month, was recovered from new Mining Block 25, adjacent to the prolific Mining Block 8 at Lulo.

According to Lucapa, testing on a Yehuda colorimeters has confirmed that the 62 carat diamond is a premium-quality Type IIa gem.

“It follows the recovery of a 227 carat Type IIa D-colour diamond from the new Mining Block 28,” the company told the ASX.

“The 227 carat stone, which is Angola’s second biggest diamond on record, will be included in the upcoming sale of Lulo diamonds, scheduled for early March 2017.”