Marius Kloppers to Retire as CEO of BHP Billiton, Andrew Mackenzie to Take on the Role

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 8.43.06 AM
Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 8.43.06 AM

The Board of BHP Billiton yesterday announced that Marius Kloppers will retire as Chief Executive Officer and a Director of BHP Billiton on 10 May 2013 , with Andrew Mackenzie to succeed him and join the Board on that date. Marius will retire from the Group on 1 October 2013.

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Andrew, 56, is BHP Billiton’s Chief Executive Non-Ferrous and has over thirty years experience in oil, gas, petrochemicals and minerals. He joined BHP Billiton in November 2008. Andrew has a doctorate in Chemistry and a first-class degree in Geology.

In making the announcement BHP Billiton Chairman Jac Nasser acknowledged the outstanding contribution Marius Kloppers has made to the growth of the company:

“Marius was appointed Chief Executive just prior to the global financial crisis. Despite an exceptionally difficult economic environment during his tenure, Marius and his team have delivered for shareholders, significantly outperforming our peers in terms of total shareholder returns. He drove new investments into next generation opportunities including US onshore gas and liquids and created one of the most valuable companies in the world. He leaves BHP Billiton a safer and stronger company.”

Jac Nasser  also added: “In succeeding Marius, Andrew brings a unique combination of deep industry knowledge and global management experience to the CEO role. Andrew held senior positions in BP and Rio Tinto before joining BHP Billiton in 2008. He has led our Non-Ferrous division for the last five years working across four continents with responsibility for over half of our 100,000 people.


Mr. Nasser believes the Board has decided that Andrew is the right person to lead BHP Billiton in a changing global environment.

Andrew revealed he was honoured by the appointment.

“When Marius offered me the chance to join BHP Billiton I jumped at the opportunity.”

After 20 years, Mr. Kloppers said his decision to retire was difficult.

“I’ve been very fortunate to lead one of the world’s great resource companies. Deciding the right time to retire was never going to be easy. I am very proud of the achievements of our Company and our people. One of the first decisions I made when I became CEO was to bring Andrew into BHP Billiton, and I look forward to working closely with him, the Board and the management team during the transition,” Mr. Kloppers said.