McDonalds aim to stop the use of cage eggs by 2017

Photo Credit: Getty Images

According to a report by the ABC, McDonalds Australia will completely stop sourcing cage eggs by the year 2017, as part of the company’s improved animal welfare initiative.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Certain farm groups are going against McDonalds Australia’s decision. According to protesters, this decision to phase out cage eggs for the reason of better animal welfare is misleading.

Brian Ahmed, President of the Victorian Farmers Federation egg committee thinks that animal rights groups have actually “bullied” McDonalds into making that decision.

“It all sounds nice to be roaming free but there are negatives to animals mixing with wild animals…There’s a risk of disease. Avian influenza is a very big risk.”


“People forget that we all free range farmed in the early 50s and 60s, and that we went into cages for a number of reasons, to reduce mortalities.” Ahmed said.

On the other hand, Animal welfare groups argue that McDonald’s decision will be beneficial for both hens and consumers.

In fact, Heather Neil, chief executive of RSPCA Australia says that her organisation is encouraging other fast food chains to follow in Mcdonalds’ footsteps and stop the use of cage eggs as well.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and have long been asking for higher welfare products when dining out.”

“McDonald’s commitment to removing cage eggs from its restaurants is a fantastic step forward for improving hen welfare, and is a key indicator of consumer power in action,” said Neil.

A statement regarding their posted on McDonald’s Australia’s Facebook page has received more than 4500 likes.