Mining continues and ore haulage to commence at Gwendolyn Gold Project

Image credit: Flickr User: David and Jessie

Vector Resources Ltd has announced that ore haulage is about to commence on the bulk sample campaign at its Gwendolyn Gold Project in WA as part of its Phase 1 operations.

Image credit: Flickr User:  David and Jessie
Image credit: Flickr User:
David and Jessie

Road train haulage operations were scheduled to commence in late April but heavy rainfall has caused delays on public road access and postponed the commencement.

According to the ASX announcement by Vector Resources, mobilisation of temporary infrastructure begun in late March with mining operations commencing in April on pits “A” and “B” of phase 1. Simultaneously, conventional free dig mining operations are being carried out by Hampton Mining & Civil Services with an excavator, articulated dump trucks and associated ancillary equipment.

Pit “A” is situated on the south-east edge of a historic dam and excavations commenced at the 472.5m RL and have been mined to below the original topography as a small corkscrew pit, with current mining excavations to the 450m RL.

Pit “B” is located between the historic tails dam and open pit and excavations commenced at the 465m RL and have been mined to below the original topography as more of a saddle shape and mining operations have been progressing in the north and south of this pit in two and a half metre flitches, with current mine excavations to the 447.5m RL.

The company has also announced that mine ROM holds approximately 18,727 tonnes of ore stockpiled in preparation for road haulage. It also has performed an in-fill sampling within the previous grade control program to identify potential of expansion on high-grade blocks generated from the model. Approximately 20kg auger samples are taken for pulverising and panning to compare against benchmark samples. One flitch in Pit “A” and three flitches within pit “B” have so far been expanded based on gold tail results.

The company said haulage operations will be carried out on a continuous 24 hour cycle with vehicle movements varying between 8 to 16 return cycles during a day.

Haulage will be carried out from the mine site to the “Greenfields mill” toll processing facility. The first batch of ore processing will commence when 13,000 tonnes of ore have been transported to the mill’s ore pad.