Mining to resume at Portia gold mine

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Havilah Resources announced that its mining partner, Consolidated Mining and Civil (CMC), intends to resume open pit mining operations at the Portia gold mine later this week.

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Mining at the Portia gold mine was suspended last week due to a slip at the mine’s open pit wall, in an area where ore was previously mined.

Havilah said that during the period of inactivity geotechnical experts were able to re-evaluate the integrity of the current open pit mine design, and determined that mining can safely proceed down to approximately 35 metres below surface with no change to the current design.

“Minimal design changes are required to access the highest grade ore zone in the floor of the open pit,” the company said in a statement to the ASX.


“This is partly due to the conservative design already adopted for the western pit wall which incorporates the access ramp, with an overall pit wall angle of approximately 21 degrees. Once the highest grade ore has been removed, the design will be re-assessed to ensure the reminder of the base of Tertiary ore can be safely mined.”

Havilah Managing Director, Dr Chris Giles, also provided an update on the activities at the processing plant, saying the processing of high grade ore is progressing as planned and is being optimised to maximise throughput and plant availability.

He said it is expected that sufficient high quality gold concentrate will be available to smelt and do Havilah’s first gold pour this week.

“We are pleased that CMC can continue mining largely in accordance with the current mine design with an acceptable level of safety,” Mr Giles said.

“Our gold plant continues to treat stockpiled ore and is producing gold concentrate over a wide size range, which we aim to smelt this week. Our operating team have been working tirelessly on optimising plant performance and maximising throughput and plant availability.”