Minister applauds Australia-China agriculture and trade relations

Image Credit: China Economic Review

Barnaby Joyce, has praised the commitment of Australian and Chinese industry in developing mutually beneficial trade opportunities in agriculture and food.

Minister applauds Australia-China agriculture and trade relations
Image Credit: China Economic Review

According to a press release, Minister Joyce yesterday attended the first meeting of the business-to-business Australia Sino Hundred Year Agricultural and Food Safety Partnership (ASA 100) at China. ASA 100, an industry event that promotes Australia as a reliable and competitive food supplier to China, has enforced the role of Australia’s agriculture sector as one of China’s top food suppliers.

“This is a commendable – and I think achievable – aim with considerable industry support behind it from both countries,” said Minister Joyce.

“I’m on the record as saying that Australia will never be the food bowl of Asia. We will not, and we are not aiming to, supply China with all the agricultural products needed in the future – Australia simply can’t do that. What we can do – and what we will continue to do – is to provide China with high quality, clean and safe agricultural and food products – many of which will be further processed in China, target the high-end of the market, or are counter seasonal.” said Minister Joyce.

The Minister has also visited the Tianshunyuan Muslim Food Company in Heilongjiang province, China, and saw Australian lamb being processed, along with recent Australian beef imports.

“This complementary relationship is a great example of how Australian and Chinese companies are working together to enhance the trading relationship to the benefit of both countries.”

“As I have already said, we do not pretend that Australia can, or should, be the sole supplier for the extra demand in beef..What we can do, through the work of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the Australian Government, and industry is to demonstrate how Australia is a reliable trading partner that offers products of exceptional quality,” said Joyce.

The Minister is impressed by the overall effort Australia is showing in developing their relationship with China through the ASA 100 meeting and the opening of the MLA’s new office in Beijing.

“I wish them all the best in their continued efforts to showcase Australia’s high quality agricultural and food products and underline our industry’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market,” he said.