New minerals investment opportunities in the Northern Territory

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Further investments are needed to realize the pin-pointed potential of the mineral-rich Northern Territory, as pointed out by Chief Minister Adam Giles at the opening of the Minerals Investment Opportunities Seminar in Japan last Wednesday. 

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The Japan Minerals Investment Opportunities Seminar was a joint initiative of the Northern Territory Government, AUSTRADE and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation.

According to the latest media release by the Chief Minister, the Northern Territory still remains underdeveloped despite the already identified rich resource deposits.

Exploration and development of full production shall have to be on hold, as investments are key to explorers and companies that want to set foot up North.

44 senior representatives from companies based in the Territory, as well as Japanese investors were brought together at the seminar in order to promote the available opportunities of the Territory.

The Northern Territory Investment Guide, which is now available online at, was also promoted at the seminar. A Japanese version of the guide is also available.

“The investment guide has been produced in Japanese language and details potential projects as well as important government and industry contacts,” Mr. Giles said.

“The Northern Territory has a large number of potentially extremely exciting resource projects that could create hundreds of jobs right across the Northern Territory.”

“The first step in realizing this potential is to bring together Territory companies and interested investors to discuss these opportunities.”

Emerson Resources with their Tennant Creek copper and gold project made their presentation at the seminar, as did Tellus with their Central Australia Salt Mine Project, TNG with their Mount Peak project and Rum Jungle Resources with their phosphate project.

INPEX senior representatives were also scheduled to outline their positive and fruitful experiences and attract more investors in the Northern Territory where they have invested and worked for quite some time.