Orica releases new fragmentation monitoring solution

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Orica has released a new fragmentation monitoring system, powered by FRAGTrack™ Crusher, an automated pre-crusher fragmentation measurement instrument that ensures safe and reliable operating continuity.

According to the official announcement, the company developed the FRAGTrack™ Crusher to fulfill growing demand from customers for downstream monitoring and optimization solutions at every stage of the mining value chain.

The latest product is based on the success of the existing suite of automated post-blast fragmentation monitoring products.

The technology combines the latest deep neural network artificial intelligence (AI) framework with industry-proven hybrid 2D and 3D PSD processing methods.


It delivers a fully autonomous adaptive fragmentation monitoring solution at the crusher dump pocket, allowing customers to measure material on the truck during tipping operations.

“The full adoption of AI technology into our architecture, coupled with our strategic partnership with Microsoft, allows us to expedite the delivery of capabilities that were not previously possible, and FRAGTrack™ Crusher is an example of how we leverage AI to help deliver intelligence and value to our customers,” said Orica Vice President – Digital Solutions, Raj Mathiravedu.

The FRAGTrack™ Crusher is already gaining acceptance in the mining and quarrying industries, the compny said, where it is being used as a key enabler of blasting optimization and mine to mill programs.

In its most recent implementation, the FRAGTrack™ Crusher effectively delivered an automated blasting optimisation workflow on site, using PSD as a main KPI to throughput and overall mill performance in a Tier I low-cost gold facility in Western Australia.

Image credit: https://www.orica.com/news-media/2022/orica-expands-its-fragmentation-monitoring-solution-with-fragtrack-crusher#.Yjyz5efMKUk