Power at Olympic Dam partially restored

Image credit: bhpbilliton.com

BHP Billiton has provided an update on the state of its Olympic Dam operations following the loss of power in South Australia on Wednesday, 28 September.

Image credit: bhpbilliton.com
Image credit: bhpbilliton.com

The power outage saw the company shut down operations and de-mobilise the site, placing critical infrastructure on electricity supplied by back-up generators.

In a media statement release on Monday, the mining giant advised that Olympic Dam operations remain in a period of care and maintenance.

“We continue to work closely with Electranet and the State Government to ensure power is safely and fully restored as soon as possible. Power was restored to the Roxby Downs township on Friday evening,” reads the statement.

“Olympic Dam is now receiving some power from the grid and with the additional generation capacity sourced and connected, this will ensure asset stability and integrity of the operation until full power is restored and operations can resume as normal.”