QGC selects Leighton Contractors to deliver gas infrastructure for its Surat Basin project

Image credit: www.leightoncontractors.com.au

CIMIC Group’s construction company Leighton Contractors has been awarded a contract by QGC Pty Limited to deliver gas infrastructure in the Surat Basin of southern Queensland.

Image credit: www.leightoncontractors.com.au
Image credit: www.leightoncontractors.com.au

The project – which envisions expanding QGC’s existing natural gas production in the region – is expected to begin in late 2015 and generate revenue of approximately $250 million to Leighton Contractors.

CIMIC Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Marcelino Fernández Verdes said the project was of great importance for the development of the LNG industry in the country.

“QGC’s ongoing development of its world?class natural gas reserves is making a major contribution to the Queensland economy and growth of the LNG industry in Australia,” he said.

“CIMIC Group and Leighton Contractors bring significant international and Australian experience to the delivery of large scale oil and gas facilities.”

Leighton Contractors Managing Director Román Garrido said the company’s integrated project management, engineering and construction capabilities provide clients with a “single interface for all civil, structural, mechanical, piping, instrumentation and electrical work for delivering oil and gas facilities”.

“We are pleased to continue our valued partnership with QGC and look forward to building on relationships formed with local subcontractors and suppliers,” Mr Garrido added.

Leighton Contractors’ operations span across Australia, Asia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and include delivering infrastructure for over 160 different projects.

The company is also engaged in a number of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) with governments and other companies to deliver important assets such as motorways, hospitals and schools.