Rio Tinto, Corona pilot low carbon beverage can in Canada


Rio Tinto, in partnership with Corona Canada, has announced the launch of Canada’s first specially-marked, low carbon beverage can, manufactured by Ball Corporation.

Now available through a pilot in Ontario, the cans were made using aluminium from Rio Tinto and leveraging ELYSISTM technology.

Rio said the pilot was a step toward putting “a fully-traceable beverage can in the hands of consumers”.

Going forward, the company plans to leverage insights from its START initiative to allow consumers to use QR codes to see exactly how their products were made from mine to market – including sustainability data.


“Leveraging insights from START, we look forward to putting more information into the hands of consumers, so they can see how we are partnering with leading brands like Corona to help deliver more sustainable supply chains and products,” said Rio Tinto’s Head of Sales and Marketing Tolga Egrilmezer.

“These specially-marked, low carbon beverage cans will showcase the responsibly produced aluminium Rio Tinto delivers, bringing together renewable hydropower and the innovation of zero carbon ELYSISTM smelting technology.”

At the moment, almost 70% of the aluminum used to make cans in North America is recycled aluminum.

When combined with Rio Tinto’s low-carbon aluminum, which is generated using renewable hydropower, and metal produced using the direct greenhouse gas emissions free ELYSISTM smelting technology, carbon emissions are reduced by more than 30%.

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