SafeWork launches ‘Chat and Create’ event to celebrate National Agriculture Day

Image credit: Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

SafeWork NSW is launching the ‘Chat and Creat’ event featuring women in the agriculture industry while SafeWork representatives discuss safety issues specific to farming and agriculture.

According to SafeWork NSW, agricultural workers and farmers face higher rates of serious injuries and deaths compared to other industries, accounting for one in five worker deaths in the State, prompting SafeWork to prioritise proactive education in this sector.

Safe work requires awareness of mental health, as suicide and depression are more prevalent among farmers due to unique working pressures, such as increased financial stress and isolation.

The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) will provide mental health education and services, while SafeWork offers free coaching for employers to create a safe and healthy workplace environment.


The NSW Rural Women’s Network will also be present at the event, showcasing resources, and initiatives as well as connecting individuals to services.

The NSW Government has launched the Rural Women’s Resource hub to further support women in various regions, including cost of living, employment, training, career support, health, well-being, recreational, and social connections.

“Women are more involved in the success of the agricultural industry more than ever. ‘Chat and Create’ aims at further empowering these women to take a leading role in creating a safe working environment,” WHS Services Regional Director Tony Williams said.

“This is a great opportunity for women in agriculture in the Tamworth area to come together and share ideas and connect with each other, while building on their knowledge of work, health and safety to improve farm practices in a relaxed and welcoming environment,” Williams added.

‘Chat and Create’ will be held in Tamworth on Tuesday, 21 November.