Santos’ GLNG project hits major milestone

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Leading oil and gas producer Santos has announced that it has brought natural gas into its LNG production Train 1 at GLNG on Curtis Island.

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Santos said the delivery of gas into Train 1 was a key milestone for the project, demonstrating the company’s progress towards commissioning the plant.

The company has already made good progress on the project this year by achieving strong gas production from all major processing facilities in its gas fields and commissioning and test running all six LNG Train 1 refrigeration compressors.

In addition, it has successfully delivered gas to it LNG facility via its 420-kilomentre pipeline, commissioned all LNG facility power generation and other utilities and unloaded propane and ethylene refrigerants into storage.

Santos said the next step in development of the project involved starting up Train 1’s “front end” pre-treatment units before chilling down the “cold end” refrigeration units to make LNG.

The company’s Managing Director and CEO David Knox said GLNG was on track to produce first LNG around the end of the quarter.

“GLNG is progressing extremely well. Our upstream facilities are fully operational and we are in the final stages of commissioning on Curtis Island. As we continue to hit our key milestones, we know exactly what remains to be done and we’re focused on safely delivering GLNG on time and on budget,” Mr Knox said.

“GLNG will be an important addition to our growing LNG portfolio. Santos’ two other LNG projects in PNG and Darwin continue to deliver excellent results and the three projects combined will ultimately deliver to Santos over 3 million tonnes of LNG per annum – 10 times the quantity we sold in 2013.”