Siemens partners with Hunter Valley engineering firm to service local mining industry

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Siemens announced that it has signed a service partnership agreement with Geared Engineering in Beresfield, NSW, to service the local coal mining industry.

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Siemens Customer Service Manager Paul Bulloch said the partnership was aimed at providing local operations with workshop services for its gearboxes and mechanical drives.

“Geared Engineering specialises in gearbox repair and will also service mining and other industries operating Siemens gear drives and integrated drive systems. The partnership with Steve Spicer and his team at Geared Engineering will complement our service capabilities on the entire drive train,” Mr Bulloch said in a media release.

“The partnership is in line with Siemens’ regionalisation strategy to get closer to our customers. Working with a local specialist like Geared Engineering means both organisations can leverage our strengths to meet dynamic customer demands. The end result is a stronger business for all parties.”

He said maintenance services were crucial for maximising productivity in the mining industry.

“In today’s tough economic climate, service is becoming more critical as the market focuses on operational efficiencies and productivity via greater reliability and reduced downtime. By partnering with an experienced local firm such as Geared Engineering we will improve our response time to customer issues and optimise the reliability of their operations,” added Mr Bulloch.

“In addition it will bring specialist engineering support to the heart of the NSW mining operation, providing the OEM competence that local operators deserve for the full integrated drive system.”

Geared Engineering Sales Manager Rick Shaw said the partnership with Siemens would enhance his company’s expertise in mechanical power transmission repairs.

“We look forward to servicing Siemens’ and its customers’ requirements and we are confident it will bring a wealth of additional opportunities to our business,” he said.

Siemens service Manager Ralf Lotter said the partnership would enable local miners to increase productivity and lower lifecycle costs.

“The local mining industry has a strong demand for maintenance services, repairs and technical support,” Mr Lotter said.

“Given the asset-rich nature of mining, the ‘time-is-money’ maxim is never felt as much as within the mining community. Every minute a piece of equipment is out of action means significant losses in production and profits.”