South Australia’s grain industry secures $50m research boost

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The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has teamed up with the State Government’s South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) to fund a five-year, $50 million grain research in the state.

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SA Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell said the funding will boost the state’ grains industry and secure its long-term profitability.

“The grains industry generates $4.6 billion or 28 per cent of South Australia’s gross food Revenue. SARDI is the nation’s leading research provider in farming systems for low to medium rainfall areas, crop protection and improvement as well as projects such as the National Oat Breeding Program,” Mr Bignell said.

“SARDI will commit staff, equipment and resources to the value of $25 million and the GRDC will match the State Government’s investment with a cash investment. This co-investment will be committed to key programs of state and national priority under the National Research, Development and Extension Strategy.”

GRDC Managing Director John Harvey said the deal was a testament to the State Government’s and GRDC’s commitment to grains research and to high-quality science that would help secure the future of Australia’s food production.

“GRDC believes the partnership is vital, it provides our industry with the resources to tackle a deeper and broader range of research and development. Partnership improves our grains R&D capability, allowing us to address a greater number of real problems to provide more real solutions for growers,” Mr Harvey said.

“Through partnership our industry is better future proofed and equipped to respond to forces that undermine grains industry profitability and productivity.”