State Government approves new NSW mine

Mineral sands mine Image credit: Flickr User: Allan Laurence Allan Laurence

The Planning and Environment department has approved a new mineral sands mine in NSW that will generate hundreds of new jobs and millions in state royalties.

Mineral sands mine Image credit: Flickr User:  Allan Laurence Allan Laurence
Mineral sands mine
Image credit: Flickr User: Allan Laurence

According to the article on ABC, Crystal Mining’s mineral sands project between Balrand and Inanhoe is now only a Federal approval away from commencing construction on site after the Planning and Environment department gave development consent on Tuesday.

The department’s Executive Director Chris Wilson said the Atlas-Campaspe project would require 300 workers in the construction phase and another 200 during operation.

“After a comprehensive assessment process, with submissions only expressing support for the project, we concluded the project should go ahead with strict conditions,” Mr Wilson said in a statement.

The project site is located ten kilometres from the Mungo National park and Willandra world heritage site and the company had to go through a long environmental assessment as part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

“There was a comprehensive study completed by consultants as part of the EIS,” Mr Roberts said.

“The typical lakes and dune area that are so important to the world heritage area are not where we are, so the final conclusion of the study is there will be no significant impact to the world heritage areas.”

Ms Wilson said there was no forecast yet for the start of construction.

“This is the major step. If we didn’t go past this step, well, then, we haven’t got a project, it would be finished,” Mr Roberts said.

“It is only one step along the way, but it is a major step and the development is in our hands, if you like, once we have the final federal approval, so that we can bring it on as quickly as we can.”

According to Crystal Mining, Atlas-Campaspe has a mine life of 20 years and deposit consisting of over 5Mt of contained heavy mineral to be concentrated and processed into ilmenite, leucoxene, zircon and rutile end products.